Monday, 26 March 2007

living in the fast track

The bumper carS, with Albert and Adrian chasing the young (click for clearer view)

Eggs wrapped with straws

The twin towers

We woke up earlier last Sunday, didn't want to be late for church. We woke up at 8 am, planning to have breakfast at 845 am and leave the house at 9 am.

830am: I was preparing myself to go downstairs for breakfast when Albert said : " Why does the clock on the computer show 930am? "

" OH NO!! " It's summer time, we were meant to move forward our life by an hour.

We forgot.

I called the auntie which we were supposed to pick up. The actual time was actually 930am. Church starts at 10 am.


Didn't have time for the Malaysian kopitiam coffee, from my mum, with my evaporated milk.

Drove around Camden to pick up Auntie... can't seem to find her house.

Picked her up eventually, apologised to her for being late, and for making her late as well. Told her we totally forgotten about moving the clock forward by an hour.

We were late for church, but Albert didn't miss his worship talk with the kids. We also played games with teens. This time is about building the tallest building using 20A4 paper. The boys thought that by sticking all the papers with tapes and folding it into ORigami ball will give them the tallest building, while the girls carefully have a base and roll the papers systematically.

The ball couldn't inflate, obviously, as it was full of holes.

What is it like, forwarding my life, growing from baby to old man in 10 days time? What are we actually looking forward to? Like they say there's always a pot of gold at the rainbow. Is there a pot of gold waiting for us at the end of our lives? What's the point of living when we know that the chances of dying is 1 in 1? Can't we just fast-tracked everything , forget the middle part, just cut the crap. Why bother with how to get to the end when we already know what will happen in the end?Will it be a happy ending? Will there be happily ever after as the ending in Shrek?

Well food for thought...

I have that assurance myself.. something better than gold is there at the end of my life.. someone is waiting for me with arms wide open..

which makes me think .. what am i going to do with my life now.. what am i doing everyday? Where am i rushing to? What am i waiting for? What am i hoping for? What does it mean to really lived?

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