Thursday, 15 March 2007

It's time not money

Had a good chat with one of the GP under my care. He is in his retiring age. We talked like friends. I told him what i am struggling with, job satisfaction, life, money, personal development. He advised him as someone who has lived so many decades, done it all.

He reminded me something that my mum used to teach me when i was at the age of 6. The good old chinese idioms, " one inch of time, one inch of gold,  that inch of gold can't but an inch of time". Money can't buy time. A stable 9-5 job is all that i need. A job is a job. I develop my potential somewhere else, hobbies .. Most importantly, is spending time with family, friends.

Quality of life is not measured by richness or money, is measured by how much time in your hands. Many of us love to create memories, being laughed at, being silly together, laugh it all out, memories that we can cherish later.

Classic examples that we watch in movies, or drama. The father is always busy earning money for the family, flying here and there, attending meetings left right centre. Always missed his son's concert, graduation, or tournaments. There wasn't much memories of the presence of the father in his life.

He suggested i should keep my job, keep the stable income and my pension from the government. He rightly pointed out that my problem is boredom and lack of challenge in life. He doesn't believe in getting myself all stressed from work, not able to cope, staying behind etc.. Just take it easy, stick to 9-5. I should find challenge apart from work, not as part of the work.

By the end of my life, money is not of much use. It's the memories and time spent with loved ones that matters.

It's time, not money, that counts.

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