Tuesday, 13 March 2007

interest or money

I had a glimpse of an opportunity in my work today. I asked my manger to reduce my working hours from 37.5 per week to 31 hours. With the remaining 6 hours, there is a possibility that i will be doing medication reivew with the patient in a GP practice. I will have a consultation room and go through the patient's medication with the patient in front of me. I think i will enjoy it.

However, i quite regret the fact that i told my manager what i will be doing with the remaining 6 hours. He even asked for the name of the GP. I regret it because he confide with his manager and changed his tune. Initially he told me that it will probably be a yes, but after e-mailing his manager( which i don't think why she has to be involved in such small issue) he can only give me the final answer tomorrow. My manager is the department head. I personally think that he is more than capable of making such unimportant decision. Why does a service director, my manager's manager, who reports directly to the chief executive has to be involved in a small potato asking for a 6 hours reduced working hours?

Albert told me that being honest is always the right thing to do. I shouldn't feel bad about it. Moreover, all this "should"s are dangerous. No one knows what the outcome will be.

This also involves the judgement of values. My collegue is not willing to have a pay cut by doing something of his interest. Other friends simply say they can't afford the pay cut with bills to pay and mortgage to pay. Talking about house mortgage, i think it's definitely overpriced! Imagine most of the people live most of their lives on earth paying off their house mortgages. Imagine this, 25 years. Do houses REALLY cost that much? All this greed of money.... leaving lots of people who can't even afford to buy a roof for themselves and family. London central 2 bedroom flat cost £500,000 !!! Can't believe it.

Unfortunately, being a finite human beings living on this earth, i can't have control over everything. Ideally, i am willing to take a pay cut doing something that i enjoy. What's money by the end of the day. I save up all the money, but i can't be guaranteed that i will have the life to enjoy my savings. If that's the case, i will surely regret for not having lived at all. I am not saying money is not important nor saving up is  unneccessary. There just has to be a balance. Because now that i am married, i can't afford a pay cut in the name of "job satisfaction".

Reality hurts huh?

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