Monday, 12 March 2007

Get together

i have always loved the company of old friends. Things like " why is everything in your house so high,ceiling, door, coat hanger, when you are not that tall anyway.." can only be said to friends you know very well, where you know that they won't get offended and will just laugh over it.

We had curry from Malaysian packet last Saturday, at Yan's place, with shuwen, trina, me, yue siew and Albert. We had a good time, chatting, gossiping about other of our secondary schoolmates. It was good.

Sunday was a lesson of Marriage to my teenagers in church. What are the characteristics you look for in your partner, how the Creator is the husband of His people, Israelites in old testament, and how husband should love his wife like how Christ love the Church and laid down his life. That was the profound mystery. Christ will return for His bride- his church( us) and present us holy and blameless and there will be a marriage feast of the Lamb ( Revelation 19:6-9). How profound! We prepare for Christ's return by living a holy lives. It was good stuff. Praise God the teenagers could catch the vision.I enjoyed teaching them eveyr Sunday.

Also had meeting with other pianist in the church. Somehow i was made the leader/trainer for other pianists, which is a bit embarassing. Half of them played the piano in church services since young. One is even studying her music degree. I was nervous. To be honest all i have to share with them could be done in one lesson. I guess they come from a classical background and hence need some pointers for more contemporary way of playing that's all. I better start upgrading myself before i got rusty.

My friend san asked me about this improvisation in jazz.. whether it's just simply playing whatever the pianist likes of there are some propery way. To be honest, it's a bit of both, which makes it really difficult to learn. Like my teacher, he is a great jazz pianist, a legend of london.. but in terms of transferring those skills to be, it's not as straightforward. A lot of it has to do with listening to other jazz players , how they improvised and picked up short phrases from them and then improve or modify on them. I haven't got far with my jazz piano as i don't listen to jazz day and night. I prefer blues more than the classic jazz because my ears are not used to dissonance.

I have also decided to go for TOPIK-test of proficiency in korean level 1 on 21st of April. I am no where near that standard and i'll probably fail it. I can't even remember how to write most of the words, not to mention , writing 150-300 words essay! I will still go for it.. anyway.. for the experience and the thrill of not knowing anything.. been a while since i have sat in an exam.. kinda miss the feeling. Ha!

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