Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Faith lurking

you know how there are some thoughts that are lurking in your mind and no matter how you try to concentrate in what you do, you just can't stop thinking about it? There are several occassions in the past that had this impact on me. One of them is not able to find something. Second is falling in love or having a crush on some interesting guys. However, this current event is not as juicy. I am very anxious about tomorrow's outcome. I hope my manager's manager will release me as i am quite keen on doing some hands on work with GP, patients, instead of typing guidelines and running report form excel sheet form my ivory tower here.

In moments like this, i hold on to the faith that
A) nothing happens by chance, i believe in my God who designed circumstances
B) whatever happens, it is for my good

Having said that, the thought of possibilities send excitement down the spine. But i still need to prepare for the worst and console myself that everything resumes back to normal and i can still have the time to blog from my ivory tower.

1 comment:

  1. wish u luck in whatever you hope for....


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