Friday, 23 March 2007

C, not K, for Corea

I survived 2 terms of Korea Language! We had our mini test for second term. Last night, my teacher has kindly booked a table for all of us. A night of feast, beer, wine and music. We had lots of food, mainly spicy ones. My teacher is very knowledgeable. We had plum wine and lemon soju. According to Albert, korean wine are lethal. Their taste are very subtle, you don't feel it in your tongue. But the alcohol content is higher than it taste.

Somewhere along the conversation, i asked my teacher , " I watched a drama yesterday, and i observed that Japanese and Korean don't get along, is that right? " My teacher then filled us in with details ans history. One interesting details is this : The restaurant that we were in was named "Corean Chili", instead of K. There is this story that originally, it was Corea. During Japanese invasion, they took the C away and replaced it with K, because alphabet K is after J, a sense of superiority over Japanese.

Lots of politics there... which is universal for a lot of neighbouring countries.

We then moved on to our next stop :No Re bar -No re means song , meaning karaoke bar. A contrast to a karaoke session with hong kongers, last night was my first time of karaoke session with westener caucasians. Albert and I enjoyed ourselves so much, much more than with chinese. The lyrics of some of the songs chosen were really funny!   My korean teacher chose two mandarin songs for me. He knows a bit of mandarin.

Reached home at 1 am.

A big difference between tired but happy and tired and grumpy.

Now i have to concentrate my effort to prepare for the Proficiency test on 21st April.

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