Saturday, 3 March 2007

Albert's laser eye treatment "journey"

Albert went for his laser eye treatment. He teased me that i pulled out last minute at Optical Express when both of us went for the free eye examination consultation. Boy, i am so glad he went first.
The surgeon over run his slots. Albert waited for 4 hours. The plan was i would pick him up and leave work early. By 5 pm, he still hasn't had his eyes done. He took a cab home instead, as advised by the surgeon. Tube wasn't good as there's too much dust.

He told me the process, sounded scary. His left eye hurt more because his left eye wasn't still when the surgeon did it. Hence, his left eye was painful and hurt a bit.He told me he could feel the surgeon "cut" his eyes.That moment was painful.

When i went home, he was lying on the bed, dark, and wore a goggles, yes, those you wear for swimming. That was given by optical express to protect the eyes from light. Few bottles of eye drops. One antibiotic, one steroid and one lubricant, which is best instilled into the eyes every hour.His eyes are quite dry.

His eyes were better this morning. He went to work in a local chemist.The best part was, he actually wore that big goggles, took the bus and walked home in that too. The bus driver gave him a weird look. He then sat at the "disabled" seat !He can see, but not 100%.

I will take a photo of him tonight. (typing this from work. finish at 5 pm today, locum at a local chemist)

The actual procedure took about 5-10 minutes. That's it, £2000 gone.

Well the best words to describe this event : No pain no gain!

I have yet to book mine.

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