Wednesday, 14 February 2007

What i did today

well well it seems that lots of roses and cards are being sold today. I spent quite a bit of money today as well. but not on any of the above, neither is it for Albert.

I went to Borders during my lunch break and spent £50 on children books. It's for my niece, Shovan. She has started kindy, and she is 3 years old. Apparently, the standards here in UK are quite high when it comes to english and children books. Makes me think how much i knew when i was 3 years old.

I ended up with Thomas (the engine) and friends Wonderful World book. I feel bad as it's more for boys, but the words and pictures in there are really good, with flash cards on vocab and few books with audio CD. I think UK is a bit slow on this technology, i thought they would have visual DVD now, teaching the kids to learn by now. Books with cassettes are cheaper but my bro doesn't have cassette player in his house.

There are moments that i wish Shovan is my daugther. .Maybe because i want the fruit but not the labour. Ha!

Thank you yue siew for her kindness, being the delivery woman. =)

p/s: i am buying a double-ended blackhead remover for Albert as a gift. Well i am practical okay !

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