Monday, 5 February 2007

Unspeakable joy with Sunday school teens

bliss bliss bliss, on cloud 9, feel like yelling from the mountaintop telling everyone how happy, fulfilled i was.

It's the sunday teens class that i have been teaching every Sunday. About 15 of them, very lovely teenagers. I really thank God that He allows me to share the joy of seeing others develop and learn. After hundred hours of surfing on the internet searching for creative lessons for teenagers, i finally found Creative Bible lessson by Hoon Kim. We began with the first book of the bible: Genesis 1.

My desire is to use creative activities to relate to the content of the lesson. So Hoon Kim had few options and i chose the clay. Adrian kindly bought the clay and we gave each teens a clay. They were asked to do , mould, build, whatever they wish to do with the clay. They then shared with the rest of the group their masterpiece, their reasons and what does the masterpiece said about them. They loved it. (The last thing i want is to bore them in Sunday schools! )

I then moved on to the questions for them to discuss. Instead of giving them answers, i asked them questions and guide their reasoning. Boy, i was so glad when they were able to see the amazing power of God as the creator. When asked about what God feel about His creation, i asked them how do they feel if i destroy their clay masterpiece. They shouted " No... ! " So i told them, God created man and gave us the responsibility to take care of His creation, and not to destroy it. How they feel about their masterpiece is how God feels times by infinity. They could relate it so much better. Another question was very interesting as well:

" Why did God rest on the 7th day? Was he tired? "
They answered: " He was a bit tired , but He will be alright ."

To guide them, i asked them why did we have to display all their masterpiece on one table? Then one teenager yelled : " so that we can admire them! "

That's it! God admired his creation! He loves them! Being a powerful almight God , he wasn't tired.

I ended the class by asking them to write down their reflection on what they learnt from the lesson and show me. I was just overwhelmed

with joy when each of them wrote down what they have learnt.

Like my friend always said, everything happen for a reason. As a christian, i believe that God design every circumstances in my life. The reason that i am able to enjoy teaching is due to teaching and learning module that i did in my Msc days with London School of Pharmacy. I had the best teachers and supervisors of my life back then.  One of them actually received MBE honour from the Queen last month. I could still recall clearly that they told us no answers will be given by teaching staff. Metaphorically speaking, they will show us where the fishing rod and how to use the fishing rod, instead of feeding us with fish.We are responsible for our own learning, their job is to guide and point us to the right direction. In my MSc international course, south east asians found it difficult to cope in such a new learning environment. We were spoon fed back home. To me, learning meant memorizing.No such thing as group discussion or brainstorm. That one year of my life was really well spent and i truly enjoyed it.

Thank God for such a great time teaching the teens in my church every Sunday. It is indeed a joy to serve my God and His lovely created children.

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