Monday, 5 February 2007

Two mad owls

I wanted to write cows but on second thought, owls will be more appropriate for two people who didn't sleep a lot over the weekends.

Albert and I  underestimated Prison Break, the american drama series. That Michael Schofields with his dreamy eyes, and his intelligence, and that tattoo of his was just intriguing! I later read about him. He is a mixed, i mean very mixed. Undeniably, the script was very well written. As a result , we slept at 4 am on Saturday. We both woke up at 8 am to work. I was truly a zombie on Saturday. We exercise a tiny bit of self-control on Saturday night, as we had to prepare for Sunday church, and teens sunday school. We slept at 2 am preparing. We were dead tired on Sunday.

We reached home at 9 pm.The urge was itching. So we watched Prison Break and we slept at 2 am. We finished first season. Hooray !

You could have guess by now, two owls over the weekends make panda eyes and zombies, but happy ! Ha ha.. the joy of violating physical needs.

I am a happy zombie today.

Please stop me from watching season 2 today! *tsk tsk*

1 comment:

  1. OH...Please watch it! It's fantastic! I know the feeling of wanting to know what's next for Michael and others! I love it too!


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