Thursday, 15 February 2007

Thursday #1 Thirteen Things about my Husband

Thirteen Things about My Husband

1.  He is a pharmacist as well. I have always wanted to marry a doctor or a pastor. Pharmacist is definitely black-listed. I went around telling my friends that the last thing i want to discuss with my husband over the dinner is about drugs. But hey, i ended up with one, which isn't that bad.

2. He is 14 years older than me, yeah 2x7. I have always hang out with boy/guys older than me. My ever first crush when i was at the age of 6 was a boy 3 years older than me. My first puppy love was with a young man older than me by 5  years.There wasn't any age gap for me as i was/still am more mature than my age. Having two elder brothers who are 8 and 6 years older than me do contribute. I can't deny that marrying somone 14 years older is definitely out of my imagintion.

3. He is passionate about food , just like me. Our hard-earned money goes to food. When we were going out, we went to The Fat Duck restaurant, rated FIRST restaurant in the world. We enjoyed it. As long as the food is good, it doesn't matter where, we will go for it.

4. He loves Bak Kut Teh more than me. I have yet to met a non-Malaysian who is eveyr so passionate about BKT. When we went to KL for 7 days, we had BKT for 4 days , trying out BKT at different places.

5. He can take more spicy food than me. He eats chilli padi ( bird's eye chilli) with anything, BKT, noodles.. etc..

6. He looks a lot younger than his age. When we were going out, a lot of people think we are both in our 30s. I seriously do not know how to take those comments. That will translate into A) He looks five years younger than his actual age and B) I look five years(or more) than my actual age.

7. He knows about hand creams, facial cream more than me. He knows which hand creams works and which facial cream is good. He taught me all those. Surprisingly

8. He is a lifelong learner. He attended evening classes on how to fix a car, one year of Law degree with Birbeck College, one year on financial accounts, Conflict Management, MBTI, 2 years of evening classes on piano.. Now he is learning Mandarin with SOAS, London Uni every Thursday, Distance learning on Theology with Spurgeon College and a course on how to preach.

9. He is very good at maths. He scored A for Maths during A levels and another A for Further maths

10. He knows a lot about animal kingdom. .He watched lots of documentary. He tells me lots of facts about animals. Like the other night, he parked his car in front of our friends house. When we went to our car, he saw a cat and he knew what happened. When we arrived home, we could smell something rather pungent. He knew it was the cat who urinated. He said it's not the normal diluted urine, it's the concentrated one. The cat did it to mark its territory, to tell other cats that that area in front of our friend's house is its territory. So whenever there is a new car/ anything that is placed in that area, the cat will "mark" it. My husband instantly wash the car tyre.

11. He becomes grumpy when he is hungry and the food is not ready. There were a couple of occassions where i was busy preparing the food, and he was starving and becomes irritable when the food wasn't ready. A lot of our "Heated discussion" happens in the kitchen. The highest risk area in the whole house.

12. He is very organised but also a lastminute dot com person. Does that make sense? This means his natural preference is a lastminute dot come person but he has been institutionalised to be organised. For example, we need to leave the house by 830am on Sunday morning for church, we woke up early at 730am, we still end up leaving the house at 845 am or 850 am, looking for bible, looking for hat, etc....

13. He loves watching movies, dramas, especially Japanese cartoon. He grew up watching them when he was young, he still watch them now, not the same series, but still Japanese cartoon. He stay up till 4 am watching cartoons and go to work after 4 hours of sleep. He said sleeping is a waste of time!

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  1. How neat to learn such random facts about someone. I enjoyed reading this entry. Have fun TT'ing!

  2. Welcome to TT! I enjoyed reading your list. It sounds like you have a remarkable husband! I am sure he makes you happy.

  3. Have you ever told him if he wants it any faster to cook it himself. Welcome to TT. I enjoyed your list.


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