Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Teaching vs Relationship

I am in my second term for Korean evening classes. I have a different teacher because i changed to Thursday so that albert and I can both go to school together. The pace of teaching is much slower than my previous term. I really regretted my decision. I could have skipped to another level. As with all things, since i am in it, i have to learn to accept the consequences of my own decision. I convince myself to look at the bright side.

Last Thursday, my teacher organised a drink/eating session after class.We went to a Korean bar/restaurant nearby, ASSA. I was reminded that teaching is not only about transmitting knowledge in the classroom, more importantly, it's the teacher-student relationship. Jesus was a living example of that. So was Henri Nouwen. We had a good time. My teacher is friendly and he told us jokes on Korean culture. Koreans are quite quick-tempered and aggressive. So here is the joke:

There was a competition among three groups of people , Chinese, Japanese and Korean. The person who could find a mouse in a mountain in the shortest possible time was the winner.

The first group was the Chinese. Two thousands men turn up. They surrounded the mountain and found the mouse within 6 hours.

The second group was Japanese.Only one man turn up. He took out his electronic cat with radar and found the mouse within 3 hours.

The last group was Korean. Only one man turn up. Half an hour later, he returned with a bear, bruised all over and the bear was crying. So they asked the bear what happened. The bear answered : " He beat me up and forced me to tell you that i am a mouse"

Everyone laughed. My teacher then explained the story behind Kimchi. Chili was used because it could preserve the vegetable. Korean society was very much male dominated, but has improved over the years.

I have opportunities to know more about my classmates. Most of them are caucasians, who have a Korean wife or korean girlfriend. The man who sat next to me actually come from Perth! I asked him what is he doing here. He admit that Perth is better than London, in terms of fresher air and more outdoor activities to do. But job opportunities are less.

We finished about 11 pm, while two others followed my teacher for Karaoke session downstairs.

Knowing and learning about another's culture is indeed enriching.

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