Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Teaching vs Relationship 2

Since January 2007, i have been given the responsibility to be the lead for Sunday school teens, age 11- 16 years. I was told by one of the parents that bonding is crucial to their well being. Last Sunday, we had a bonding session : We went for Bowling at Trocadero, bumper car and had lunch together.

Bowling was fun. Bowling reminds me of YS and her friends. We used to go bowling quite often back in Methodist days. I will accompany my buddy YS to meet her boyfriend and her boyfriend's friends. We usually go to Federal. The boys were very good at bowling. I never enjoyed bowling much. Surprisingly, i enjoyed bowling last Sunday. Maybe because of the fond memories that came with it. Albert was addicted to bowling after that day. Reason: he had 3 strikes out of the last 4 times before we left.

We had bumper car with the teens after bowling. That too was fun. Bumper car reminds me of Yaohan, The Mall, near my primary school. The feeling was like being a teenager again. Hmn.. maybe that's one of the reason people enjoy parenthood. They can relive their childhood when raising their child. =)

All the outings that we organised have bear fruit.

It feels good when relationships are being built.

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  1. hey, i still remember we used yo walk all the way from school to Yaohan and the national library after curiculum on saturday....hehee......


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