Thursday, 8 February 2007

Reunion with Sook Sien

We haven't seen her since we left our primary school, Chung Kwok when we were 12. She was one of the lost sheep. Everyone was asking where she was. No news of her.

Few weeks ago, i received a smile from her from Friendster. Great! I later found out that she is in Birmingham!! Ironically, she only managed to keep in touch with Ck people after she left Malaysia!

We had dinner at Korean Chili with Yue siew. We had lots of fun and laughter. She said i am like antenna of the class. I know what most of the people are up to etc.. we talked about old days. Yue siew and I insisted that Kian Wah was one of her puppy love. She denied it .. That was funny. She said Hon Lim has changed a lot in apperance. I disagree. i told her Hon Lim is married. He started his own business at Low Yat selling PDA. I told her Le Xin has given birth. Well... it only transpired that she too has registered her marriage last year.I told her about Wai kea and Ee-coln, which obviously she doesn't know about. keke. I don't think i am that nosy. Those are quite standard information, aren't they? :P

Good fun.. She then ambitiously suggested that we should ask Nai yu to drive us to his place and have a meal at his restaurant. I cynically said : yeah One fine day.. tell me the date...

Nai yu on the other day, returned my call. He is tremendoulsy busy as both of his dad's restaurant is having staff shortages. He is working round the clock.

Meeting old friends have always been fulfilling. Old days... Sook Sien said we are very old, those days seems really far far and long long ago. Trust me, i would have played harder and studied less if i could go back to those good old days.


  1. yikyu4:49 pm

    hey, i want to be there :((

  2. sounds like fun! please say hi to her for me! and thanks for 'spreading the news'. hehehe... ee-coln is back in KL. so happy! :)


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