Thursday, 8 February 2007


Within these 2 months, i was being asked to join my friends in Perth. Grace who stayed in england for the past 5 years is now in Perth, enjoying and saying she doesn't miss Perth a tiny bit. Joshua, my childhood friend, will be transferring to Perth with his whole family. The good thing is his company takes care of most of the things ,plus it's a trial period of four years. He doesn't like it, he can move back to KL anytime.

Albert and I , on the other hand, will have a lot to think about if we were to uproot ourselves, especially for Albert. My friends in Perth said we can always locum in retail pharmacy. What's the point then ? It's like taking a step backward. We will also loose our pension with NHS UK. Once we move to perth, we can't move back here. We will loose our job, and with current financial climate in NHS, it will be very difficult to get a job with similar level.

As with all things in life, we need to have a clear vision and aim on why we are making the move. I can't see a big incentive. If i have a child, then it wil be different. I can't trust the education system here in London, and i am not rich enough to send my kids to private school with £20,000 annual tuition fees. Plus, how sure am i that i will be pregnant? ekek

Alrighty, as much as i say this and that, i will be here.

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