Thursday, 1 February 2007

Perspective on Work

My Norwegian friend got a promotion. I am happy for her.

As  far as my job/career is concerned, my worst fear is complacency. I have been de-skilled in my job. As much as i remind myself to remain hopeful, i am not learning any new skills to equip myself for the higher post. I can't see any options beyond me. Sometimes i think there is nothing wrong with my current job, so what is the point of getting promotion, with a couple of hundred pounds per month but more stress. This makes me rethink the purpose of work/career. Half of the people i know work for money, compared to answers like able to make our community a better place, more organised by having system in place, or to discover their potential and use if for the benefit of the community. So, if i am not interested in the additional ££ with higher job , so why do i stress myself over my de-skilled job? I need to sort myself out, and rethink my motivation to work.

I will be sharing about Genesis 1 with the youths in the church. I was reminded that when God created Adam and eve, he said this to them:

The BIG picture:
Then God blessed them and said, “Be fruitful and multiply. Fill the earth and govern it. Rule over the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky, and all the animals that scurry along the ground (Genesis 1:28)

God created the earth but has given human beings the authority to take charge, govern and manage the earth, from effective use of resources to caring to the poor. This means our roles are stewards of the creation.It's our duty to care for the creation, not misuse of abuse. Undeniably, it's fallen and far from God's intention. All these holes in ozone layer, and the change in climate are all evidence of our failures in carrying out our intended responsibilities. Most people exploit the resources for their own selfish gain ( including me as part of the fallenness and mess). We are in a mess.

But the mess is not the end. God, the Creator is inviting us to be His agents in His work in continuing sustenance of the creation.

God still works:
God's work will not be hindered by our mess. Indeed, He still redeems, renew sand restores.He continually sustains the creation by providing what is necessary for life, not only through nature ( eg moon, sun, laws of gravitiy) but also the work of God's human creatures.

We are God's partner, co-workers:
Today, He is inviting us to be part of His plan in redeeming the creation. We are His partners and co-workers. What a privillege! Imagine Gordon Ramsay (the top chef in Britain) asking me to cook a meal for the Queen with him.Through work, we exercise the gifts that God has given us to not only provide our own needs, but to provide for those who are poor. Through work, we attempt to maintain the order and the structure in the soceity. Through work, we become agents of righteousness, love and justice.We participate in the God's creating and sustaining activity on earth.We live honestly and unselfishly ( by God;s strength), we serve our God-given neighbours with their daily needs,we seek to practice love and forgiveness through the routine of our work.

"Be there at our labours, & give us, we pray,
Your strength in our hearts, Lord, at the noon of the day,
Be there at our homing, & give us, we pray,
Your love in our hearts, Lord, at the eve of the day."
Above all, in serving others, we serves our Creator out of gratitude.
"A world in need now summons us to labor, love, and give;
To make our life an offering to God, that all may live....
O God, who gave yourself to us in Jesus Christ your Son,
Teach us to give ourselves each day until life’s work is done."
With all this reminder, i still need to digest at relate myself to it. My identity as child of God, my role as a wife and an employee to my organisation.My response and how i relate to others in my workplace... it's all part of moulding. It's either i let my work environment, or colleagues mould me and influence me OR I  influence my workplace and colleagues. I hope i am the latter.

"God works provision and sustenance for the world through us as means" God is at work through law, bringing order to the world.

"The goal of work is not to gain wealth and possessions,but to serve the common good and bring Glory to God"- Richard Foster

"Ecclesiastes says life is short , wealth is fleeting and one's relationship with God and people is more important than any lesser concept of success"


  1. Hi Irene
    I totally understand what you are going through having experienced the same some time ago. What I did was to continually ask the question, who am I and what is my life purpose. Ask God to answer you and listen for the answer. If there's too much chatter in your mind, you may miss the answer.That's why it's important to have quiet time ( no talking in your mind, just silence and observing thoughts) or meditation. Everything you need is already inside you.The kingdom of God is within you.
    You have achieved a lot already girl and I tell you many people would want to be you!
    God bless you.
    Another thing. We, Saggitarians have a weakness of wanting to do everything and changing constantly. But you know what, we can't be everything and the sooner we learn to control this impulse the better we are at enjoying whatever we are doing.

  2. joy4real: thank you so much for your encouragement. I know this will come to pass.. i just need to be at ease with myself


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