Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Our gastronomy

noun 1. a particular style of cookery (as of a region); "New England gastronomy"
2. the art and practice of choosing and preparing and eating good food

Albert and I love eating. We spent a good deal going different restaurants. We are working our way down the list.

The Fat Duck was the first restaurant we went when we were going out. The Fat Duck was the first in the world by Michelin rating in 2005. The best meal i have ever had in my life! The world-class chef actually has his own lab to experiment. We had the taster menu, 13 dishes altogether. Ever eaten anything that is dipped in liquid nitrogen?

"The tasting menu began with a “breath freshener” of an egg white infused with green tea and vodka and lime, which is briefly dipped into a container of liquid nitrogen. This causes the egg yolk to form a very delicate meringue coating, which needs to be eaten within seconds before it cracks; this actually works quite well, with the meringue being extremely delicate " From Andy Hayler

On my birthday 2005, we went to Savoy Grill, one of Gordom Ramsay (3 micheline stars ) branch. It was expensive but horrible food. So salty ! I was too lazy to write a complain letter!

On my birthday 2006, we went to The Capital, French , 2 michelin stars, behind Harrods. The food was better than Savoy but still a distance from The Fat Duck standard. Albert enjoyed it more than i do, maybe because he had the taster Vine menu as well.
As a belated Valentine's, we went to next on 2 michelin stars list : Pied a Terre, at Charlotte Street. It was better than The Capital. However, the main course was a bit disappointing. The fish and foie gras was overcooked. Foie gras didn't melt in my mouth (like Fat Duck Restaurant), the texture wasn't smooth.. Food aside, we had a good time. We chat and we took photos ( very oriental =) ).
This May we are going back to Hong Kong. Albert's friend know a place where it's actually a residential house but people make a reservation for French cuisine. It's worth the experience i think.
As for Japanese food, i am not a great fan of it to be honest. We had the best Japanese food when we were in Hokkaido for our honeymoon. The Kobe beef melts in our mouth, puffer fish (very poisonous) sashimi, sea urchin, prawns, crab, oyster sashimi. We enjoyed the food. Japanese cuisine is more about freshness, with not much seasoning. Coming from Malaysia, i prefer stronger taste which stimulates my taste buds more.
We have also been exploring Korean food. They love chili. Their food is spicy and sweet. Yesterday, we had kimchi, but not usual cabbage. It was sesame leaves. Very subtle taste, a bit like peppermint leaves and the texture is like spinach. It's hot and sour.
I am not a big fan of Iranian food. Too much grilling and big chunk of meat. Not my favourite. Neither am i a fan of Greek, for the same reason mentioned earlier.
My next target is Taiwanese food. We will travel to Taiwan, one fine day, when i have enough annual leave to spare.

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