Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Lesson from Prison Break- Have faith

One for the overarching theme of Prison Break is this : Have faith. Whenever Michael Scofield or Lincoln Burrows face any hurdles or almost impossible breakthrough, the older brother, Lincoln always encourage his brother to have faith.We do not know how things will turn out in the end, but we will hold on to our faith.

Today i visited one of the "not-so-good" GPs under my care and discussed his prescribing habits with him. When i did the research and analysed his prescribing data, there were a lot of outliers. If we speak in terms of a league table, comparing all GPs in this area, he is the TOP 1 OR 2 when it comes to outliers and above PCT average. I didn't harbour much hope on him changing his prescribing habit. Before stepping into his surgery, i said a prayer. I will do my part, it's upon him to choose to make a difference or remain stubborn.

To be honest, a lot of my job has to do with saving taxpayers money, or the more porsh term is "Cost-effective". Drug company make expensive drug and patent them , but the government financial position can't afford to pay, say for example, £4 more than the other non-patent, cheaper equivalent. All healthcare and medication is free for most people, and we only have limited money. We can either choose a heart bypass or expensive drug. You get the picture.

Surprisingly, this GP has a new partner, who is more cost-conscious. We had a good time negotiating and she agree to implement the changes. By the way, we pay them for making the changes and the savings that they generate, it becomes extra income to them.  I know i know, i am in the wrong profession.

Anyway, when i came back from the visit, my colleague asked how was it. I said it was great! I will see result by end of April (for a change).

"Have faith" i told my colleague.

I want to thank God. Somehow, this year, for once in history, two GPs whom , historically resistant to any advice from our side, has finally decided to take on our advice and change their prescribing habit.

A surprise!

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