Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Laser Eye Shopping

How did you spend your Saturday?

What better place to spend than a free eye consultation with laser eye specialist huh? Albert booked an appointment for both of us with Optical Express in town. Due to the severe lack of sleep ( slept at 4am ,i stayed up to watch Prison Break) i could barely open my eyes.I was so tired that i didn't really enjoy my consultation.

First stop was staring at some blue light, then normal prescription test where you focus on some image then it becomes blur and clear again, and the last one was blowing few puffs of air into my eyes.Didn't enjoy that. I wish they explained to me which test is for which.

Second stop was a conversation with an employee( a waste of my time),asking me casual questions like who are you, why have you decided to do laser, why now, and a rough quote of my laser eye treatment based on my prescription.To be fair, he didn't pressure me or anything.

Third stop was with optometrist. She is not the one who operates on my eyes. She asked me what was my hobbies when i first entered the room and i told her frankly that i told her colleague on my second stop and it's written on the questionnaire. (Gets on my nerve when i am asked to repeat myself )

She did an eye test again, to confirm my prescription, asking me whether the dots projected on the door was rounder and clearer with options 1 or 2. I could hardly think clearly after those rush of adrenaline , staying up in the middle of the night/early morning watching prison break, with the lack of sleep with 4 hours of non-stop working in a local chemist earlier that morning. I screwed it up as it all looked the same to me. She repeated the test. She then instil a drop on my eye to dilate my pupil and explained the different types of treatment while waiting.  She then instill another eye drop, and place a pencil-like instrument into my eye to check the thickness of my cornea. ( trust me, it wasn't painful)

I asked her lots of questions and i could sense some degree of annoyance in her tone. Maybe that's how she talks.Maybe i am too curios to want to know what i am getting myself into. Maybe i am too lazy to read about it, that's why i am seeing her right? Maybe i misinterpretated it. Anyway, what i am typing here is all about my experience with them as a client.

 I wasn't entirely satisfied with that lady. Too impersonal. Lack that "human-ness". I think my second stop was unneccessary, since he wasn't able to asnwer my questions in regards to my eye treatment.

My husband, on the other hand, eventhough his optometrist also couldn't answer his questions, he paid  some deposit and secure a date for his laser eye surgery. His prescription was lower than mine, i am paying £1500 more than what he's paying. This will explain my second thought on this. I was annoyed as well, because he didn't discuss with me or even inform me the least before he paid. *grrr*

He even commented that i am fickled minded and always pull out last minute, especially during moments of decision making. What's the hurry man. I just wasn't willing to pay £3500 for this freaking laser eye treatment when i know that somewhere out there i can get the same treatment with a lot less! And to rephrase, i didn't pull out, i just need a second thought. Being a male, from my observation, he is more likely to stick to his initial decision from beginning to end. As for me, i don't usually make a decision in the beginning. I do all my research, second thoughts and maybe third and then come to my conclusion. Just different.

So on Monday, i googled laser eye and guess what i found? I get discount for being an NHS employee. I then read lots of sharing of experience by those who had their eyes done. Another company actually sell it on E-Bay and i pay £1500 less. I e-mailed the owner saying that i am a NHS employee, hoping to get extra offer on top of Ebay offer. He replied saying i am only entitled to one offer at one time.

That's the story of my laser eye shopping. Nowadays, i really need to shop before making informed choices. As for my husband, it's the same price for both companies.I am happy to find somewhere cheaper.

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