Thursday, 8 February 2007

I'm singing in the snow.. la la la

Eversince i move downsouth from Glasgow, i seldom see heavy snow. This morning was an exception. Needless to say , tubes were not ready for this. Severe delays, with major signalling problem. Thank God, i took the bus. I arrived sharp 9, and was the earliest to arrive in my team, which is a rare scenario.

I wanted to capture the snow falling from the sky, like how one would capture raindrop. I used my camera and put it to low speed. Effort in vain. It was too small.  I later realised to capture the droplets, i have to use fast speed. Silly me!

Anyway, walking on half melted snow was a task. The last thing i want is to get myself dirty and wet with my clumpsiness. Coincidentally, my colleague who is pregnant has a doctor's appointment and my colleague, her manager has kindly grant her half a day off. No point walking on slippery ground.

I wore thick jumpers but now i am slightly warm as the heater in the office is full blast.

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