Tuesday, 13 February 2007

How does God as the creator affect us

Last Sunday, we followed on the plot from Genesis 1, where God created everything, light from darkness, sky, sun,moon, stars, animals, plants. That was the plan, where everything was beautiful with lots of varies species.

Now , where are we at? I did some research and homework on endangered species, extinction, and global warming etc. I was so sad to read about those statistics. Orang-utan is endangered species. Reason being, Malaysia and Indonesia plant a lot of palm oil plantation ,for exportation and profit. Orang utan lost their homes.

Lots of dolphins were killed. Part of it was the way fisherman fish their tuna fish. Dolphins were caught in the net , with tuna and died from lack of oxygen (they breathe wih lungs) .

As for right whales, there are only 250 left in this whole planet earth. Albert said, to make it an analogy, imagine one person only in one country (assuming about 250 countries in the world).

Between 1970 to 2003, 750 species extinct. In other words, imagine 750 households disappeared from your neighbourhood in 30 years, not including the number of people in each households !

My heart aches. Thank God i am not God. i don't think i can bear to see and feel when others destroy, exploit my masterpiece. I already get annoyed when people make non-constructive comments on my work.

So, to recap, in the beginning was perfect and beautiful, now it's ugly, polluted, we still have a part to play. To do our part to take care of the created world and creation that God has given us.

So the youth in Sunday school listed down what and how they should behave, eg: turning off the tap while brushing the teeth, that will save 20 litres of water per week, recycle, only print when necessary, double sided, energy saving light bulb at home, no throwing choclate wrappers or sweet wrappers on the floor. Our God is a organised God, so we too, have to learn to be organised. He cares for his creation, we too have to care for others and love others beyong physical appearances( Their exact words.)

That's not the end.

There is hope. One day, Jesus will return and renew it. We will have new heaven and earth, no tears, no sickness.

Love, Faith , Hope.  

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