Friday, 16 February 2007

Friday Five lessons for the week #1

From my browsing, i learnt that people set up community like thursday thirteen and Wordless Wednesday. I wonder if anyone thought about Friday. As i notice i usually came out with some reflection or some philisophy on my own, i am going to start my own "Friday Five". It's definitely easier than listing thirteen things for sure!

Friday Five lessons for the week:

1. Not to snap at people. I have this tendency to snap at people , especially when that person is repeating themselves or when i want to argue my case. Fortunately, i don't do that to many people, only my immediate, close family members and some very very close friends.

2. Not to be blunt. I am a very blunt person, i say what i think, i think out loud. As honest i may think, it usually doesn't go down well to the listeners.

3. Keep my mouth shut when i was about to say something "truthful". I have learnt that i have to rather shut up than to be blunt

4. Get rid of my last minute dot come behaviour. I tend to procastinate, mainly because i know i am very efficient when it comes to something that i am serious about. The only way i can change is to convince myself  that if i get it out of the way ASAP, i can "act busy" and enjoy.

5. Control my expression. Have you met people who are always calm ? Well i need to be one. I want to still able to be calm and smiling away when it's boiling inside me.  Well some may think it's hypocrisy. To me, it's about what works. Getting all heated up, with increased tone of volume and speed will not solve the problem.

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