Friday, 9 February 2007

Cheesed Off

One of the new vocabulary that i learnt since i started this job is "Cheese Off".

To quote from : cheesed off
adjective greatly annoyed; out of patience; "had an exasperated look on his face"; "felt exasperated beyond endurance

Angry, fed up, annoyed, as in I'm cheesed off about watering their plants twice a week. This term was originally military slang and sometimes put simply as cheesed. [Slang; mid-1900s]-American Heritage@Dictionary of Idioms

Iriny's translation dictonary: Chessed off= Geram in Malay

It's Friday 610pm, i am still in the office. I could have gone home after GP visit at 4pm. The reason i am here is to finish off the Diabetes Health Promotion Campaign information/Guidance pack for pharmacist. That's not what i want to tell you.

I want to tell you i am cheesed off. This woman from Public health team who is the member of this project was there since the beginning. She sat in the meeting, we discussed. We also sent out the draft of the pack two months ago. The deadline for this pack is today.

She happily called me noon today, from her ivory tower, saying that we need to change this, we need to clearer on this, and that. She also suggested we need to give them clearer picture of how our population is doing in terms of how many undiagnosed diabetics, how many did not have their eye screened etc, to motivate pharmacist to take part in this. I have some of those data , but didn't have the prevalence of eye screening in our population. It's all data that public health has. So i asked her to look for these data and send it to me by end of today. She said she'll try.

530pm: She happily e-mailed me saying she can't find anything, and she will do it on Monday, and wish me a very good weekend. Now that really cheesed me off!

A) this paper was given to her ages ago, why didn't she be more active earlier, than giving me last minute comments
B) All this talk about doing this, writing this and that, and she couldn't even get me the available population data

It's so easy for people to point at this and that, and say this is no good, that is no good. When it comes to them actually doing it , and make the changes, they step back.

After her e-mail, i replied her and said i only need the retinal screening data. She called me and said we also need other prevalence data etc.

I said " I have done all that. I have written down how many diabetics we have in our region, prevalence, how many undiagnosed based on the model calculation, how many current smokers".

And i did all this within half an hour after i came back from GP visit, whereas she had 5 hours to work on and dare to say she had nothing! At least give me some data rather than a blank sheet !

People who talk the talk but do not walk the talk cheesed me off.

What i see in her is probably what i see in  myself. As much as i am cheesed off with her, i am cheesed off with myself when i fail to be the nice, patient, gentle, honest person that i would like be. I sometimes fail to walk the talk.

This helps even more when i am teaching the teenagers in the church every Sunday. Whatever i taught them, it's a reminder for myself. This week is following on creation Genesis 1 from last week, on applying what we know to our daily life.

One of the application is to care for the creation and created world. So i will touch on "Go green, and environmental friendly" These few days i tend to switch off the lights in my house or PC screen when i am away to visits.

A cheesed off reflection this Friday! 

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