Monday, 22 January 2007

Why is it so difficult

    How many smokers are there in the whole planet? How many smokers know that smoking is bad for health and also bad for those who breathe in the smoke ( passive smoker)? OR more importantly, how many actually continue smoking knowing all the facts?

   My question is : why do these people carry on smoking? Lack of will power? Ignorance is bliss? Don't see the weight of the damage done to themselves? Can't be bothered? If i die i die- mentality?

 I don't know. As much as i am not a smoker myself, i can see my own fallen nature similiar to everyone else who find it hard to do what is right.

A particular example of the many Goods that i should do :

Bible in book of Proverbs 15:1

  "A gentle answer turns away wrath,
but a harsh word stirs up anger"

I know that it's the truth and it works. But i can't seem to be gentle in my answers at times, especially when i am in the limelight or some false accusation. Why can't i just explain myself calmly, with a gentle voice instead of storming my way defending myself with a strong, loud voice.

Indeed, there is a big gap in the Knowing and Being. Note, i didn't use the word "doing" as i know that one can "DO" something because they "HAVE" to, ie out of obligation rather than sincerely from the heart to want to do it. "Being" is different, it's your whole personality, attitude, mentality, values, beliefs. It's everything that makes you , YOU.

I know it doesn't happen overnight. I need to be aware when i have fallen short, say sorry to God, to the person, and try again with God's strength. Though i am imperfect, i am learning to walk towards Christ-like. Not because i have to, because i know it's the most loving way of life, loving to those around me, God and myself.

The last thing i want is to hurt others with my six-inch tongue!

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