Wednesday, 17 January 2007

what i Googled today

Jimmy Liao- Do you know him? i love his illustration. Simple but meaning. If only i know more about web design, i will use his illustration for my blog. I know there are some blogskin from Jimmy, but the blog area is not clear enough.

Funny thing is i told Albert about buying all Jimmy's book he said we have no room at home for books. He suggested e-books, which is not a bad idea at all. I like e-books because it saves lots of space BUT i like to hold, smell and feel the book. My eyes get tired from staring the screen the whole day already.

I also found out that one of this book has become a film in Hong kong by Wong Kar Wei. Hopefully i will have a chance to watch the film.

Stories, generations after generations survive with stories, or rather the porsh words Narratives. A child goes to  bed with stories. Grandparents told me about the real-life stories, of the war, of how they survived. Narratives has a very special way of engaging the audience and then stimulate their thinking, and most importantly, challenge them. Narratives are mirrors, mirrors of ourselves, as part of the problem. They are not the problem, We are part of them , and hence part of the problem. If only we are able to recognise ourselves from the mirrors!


  1. if u happen to go china, you should buy his books over there, it's very cheap as compare to over in malaysia, half the price.

  2. I give high mark for this book. Such a beautifully written story.


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