Monday, 29 January 2007

Thank God it's Monday ?

I wish i am able to say Thank God it's MOnday...  One fine day. Why do i feel that i am wasting my time and my life working here?Yet, i don't know what i  would have done instead. Isn't that a bit sad? Am i being too hopeful or just refuse to accept that THIS is it, Irene. This is your life and this is your career. Stop your fantasy.

I had a great time on Saturday, meeting Angelina from secondary school. She flew from German to take a break and to maintain her sanity. :P We are both married to older man and from different culture, so we had lots to share, moan and chat about. I feel good to be able to relate to people and share. Same as Angie. Shu said the whole day of meeting MC bunch from dim sum to dinner with me , she talked non-stop, as if she has been deprived of talking etc... I can see where she's coming from. I trust that she is a tough girl and she will make it through , in her settlement in Germany. Surprisingly, both her husband and her plan to retire in Malaysia eventually. Angie even said we could be neighbours buy building a house at Kuantan near the beach ! :o  She also reminded me of those netball days back in Form 1. Very fond memories. As i walked to the office this morning, i was thinking if the clock is to turn back to my secondary school days, i would have spend less time studying and more time having fun with friends!

My only concern is that although i talk about missing home and Malaysia.. it's not the same when i am actually there. We tend  to have an optimistic projection of our longings and the fear is to find out the difference in  the reality and our ideal.I think it's not the place that we miss, it's our friends and our memories, that's where our roots are. Will i miss London  when i eventually move? I doubt it !

Grace Low, on the other hand, whom i spoke to on Friday is enjoying her time in Perth. She definitely doesn't miss UK. She loves Perth and she can see that's where she wants to raise her child. She convinced me to go to Perth. Shuwen did agree that London is definitely not the ideal place to raise the second generation. It's fun and exciting for single, young adult exploring a new experience, but not ideal to settle down.

Albert also has a job offer from Malaysia. But nothing is confirmed. Neither are we deciding to go home.

Like i said , eventhough i like to moan and talk about it...   ( being a woman) .. .i don't think we are actually moving anywhere. I don't have a clear vision and a reason to move anymore for now. The main reason is because we just got married, stil lin the process of knowing each other. It will be tiring for us. We just started to settle and involve in our church in London.

At least for this year, i will be in London if you come to visit me. 

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