Friday, 19 January 2007

Problems with 2-dimension life (Virtual)

        I have bought a new contract, with T-mobile, anytime any network 500 minutes.This is an addition to my current expensive contract with Vodafone £16/month which only offers 900 free minutes off peak only to other Vodafone users and landline. The reasons i bought it are a) it's free by the end of the year, i pay every month , then get my cashback so the net cost is £0, b) i can all other non-vodafone users , c) i can make international calls using the free minutes.

        During my first week i was really excited. So many numbers to call, so many people to chat with. When i actually wanted to make the calls, i hesitated.

"Why do i need to call? i can always e-mail... What am i going to talk about? Is there really a need to call? E-mails do the same job don't they? "  One by one, those questions flooded my mind when i had my phone in my hand.

According to Iriny's interpretation, 2-dimensional communication refers to anything a) that are virtual, b) anything that doesn't involve face-to-face interaction. Examples will include net conference, Skype, ICQ, e-mails, phone, fax, online dating( is there such thing), and dirty talks ( need i say more? ). Following this train of thoughts, 3-dimensional will be straight forward , ie face-to-face communication , or  spending time with a person physically  and just BEING in the company of others.

In these days of "microwave" age, 2-D communication is the hall mark of civilisation. We now use e-mail we say, snail mails only when it's inevitable.Being a 2-D, there is no element of touch and actual feel.Those clothes and shoes are real. So am I! Say i decided to buy shoes and clothes online, i can see the pictures, zoom in to see every single details, or even create a virtual iriny via photoshop and cut and paste different design to see the outcome. But i can't try it on, not via a pc screen anyway, i can't feel the fabric even though the written words could be as detail as possible. Well, you got the picture. Has it ever cross your mind that, this applies to beings as well, ie you and me?  

I don't deny that 2-D communication is so much more convenient. A click and you are able to read my thoughts, compared to snail mails those days. A call and i can talk to you and chat like old days. One thing i would like to highlight here is that problem arises when we replace 2-D communication with 3-Ds. We are happy with 2-D we say, it's quick and convenient, and i like it because it can be impersonal. 3-D is a hassle, i have to drive all the way to meet my friend where i can just chat with them over Skype. We replace what seems to be convenient and easy with the REAL thing. We have missed the point. The tragedy of all is that we are happy to settle with something less because we are unwilling to pay the price of troubleshooting in 3-D communication(conflict).

I used to fall in love with guys/boys then during the age of IRC, when i was 17 then. I talked to the boy for hours on the phone, IRCed for hours, through mid-night. My second boyfriend whom i went out for one and a half years was actually a boy whom i "found" from pen-pal column. I bought a Galaxy magazine, found his name, got his surname, checked through the Telekom directory and got his number. I was so creative right? We spent hours talking on the phone , everyday for a whole month. We never met before. After one month of 2-D experience, we were fond of each other and he asked me to be his gf on the phone. We decided to meet.

The venue of meeting was a cinema opposite Federal Hotel , at Bukit Bintang. I stood there, waiting anxiously, with no clue what he looked like at all. A young man, with yellow hair appeared and smiled at me. I am not kidding, he dyed his hair blonde. 10 years ago, blonde hair in Malaysia is quite a scene, not as common as nowadays. We then went in for a movie. After movies, we went to a place to chat. Somehow i felt queazy. I know him but i don't know him. I hear him but i don't hear him.How can this young man before my very eyes seems so strange?The voice is surely familiar and that is the only thing about him that is familiar.

Well that was the introduction, but i persevered as i trusted my instinct that he is a kind man. The relationship lasted for one and a half years. Reason for spliting was because i wanted to see the world out there.I then realised knowing someone via 2-D is not the whole picture. It gives me a clue about who he is, ONLy based on what he SAID. Hence, i could only take his words. More importantly, 2-D is not the real thing, it's not the end-point. Just like road signs, they signpost us to the direction that we should go , but they are not the destination.

All i can say is this: 2-D is complimentary to the 3-D communication.Just like how vitamins boost our health but is of no use when it comes to curing our illness.Hence the term supplements. Both of them are not mutually exclusive. Knowing a human being is definitely much more intricate and complex. Knowing in itself is a journey. Knowing a person 2-dimensionally is not sufficient as it doesn't give us the real thing.Please go for the REAL thing!

What is missing these days? Spending Quality time with the Real 3-dimensional Human beings.

Back to my story , i decided to call my long lost friend... even though it's still 2-Dimensional, given the privelege and affordability, phone calls are better. A voice is better than no voice from e-mails !

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