Monday, 15 January 2007

My Burger King attempt

I did some networking with friends in Msia over the weekend... Kia meng is one of them.. Had a good chat with him since he left UK two years ago. Called my primary school friend from Singapore as well. 
My second Sunday of the Youth sunday school was alright.. i was too ambitious.. i asked too many questions in such a short frame of time.. i divided them into small groups to discuss the answers, but they are too *mentah*[Irene Tan]  (young)   to cross-reference form exodus,to Deuteronomy  to jeremiah, to isaiah to romans.. to 1 john... a bit cruel huh..
 I did 10 commandments... the tile being Jesus is the KING.. and i drew a burger on the worksheet... told them it's not Burger King, but Jesus is our king.. *hehe* a bit lame hor... anyway.. just something to stick into their mind....
 so the conclusion was the greateast commandment.. love your God  with all your heart etc.. to love your neighbours..
 and who are the godless and wicked man? Those who don't acknowledge God as their creator, live their life in ignorance of God and do now give thanks to God.. they worship other Gods like.. greed, fame, pop idols, and themselves...
i find it alright.. but being a perfectionist.. i was a bit disappointed that i squeezed too many questions in such a short time. The pace was too quick for them . so need a bit of time managements skills there... [Irene Tan] I was a bit disappointed because i wanted it to be perfect.  
I look forward to the next one,  it's a bit addictive.. because i always strive for perfection each time..

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