Monday, 15 January 2007

I miss Carnation Evaporated Milk

Two weeks ago, i brought evaporated milk in a nice glass container ( used for salt) from home to the fridge in office. It was also in a nice colourful Lindt colourful chocolate transparent plastic bag.

The last time i saw is was last friday. I knew i should labelled the bag with my name and dates, since there is a clearance every Friday 3 pm.It was here last week. It survived, so i thought it's alright, since any beings with common sense wouldn't throw my nice glass container into the bin.

This morning, the moment i left home, i was looking forward to my coffee/tea with evaporated milk. It's a luxury over here in UK i must say. There was once where a British asked " WHat is that may i ask? " " Evaporated milk" i answered as she saw me pouring into my tea. This is unheard of over here. They add FRESH milk into their tea or coffee.

I only rediscovered the enhanced taste of evaporated mlik after the christian conference that i attended over new year. Ming kindly made me a small cup of instant Nescafe ( which i hated taste, i prefer brewed coffee). Unexpectedly, it tasted good! Apparently, he added condensed milk into it. Condensed milk is too fattening,so i had a compromise, i used evaporated milk.

However, at 9 pm this morning, i opened the fridge and ....... i couldn't find my lovely a) colourful transparent plastic bag b) nice glass container c) no signs of Evaporated milk.

I CAN'T BELIEVE IT ! how could anyone beings throw that into the bin? ARGH! I know it's my fault that i don't label it, but still i ask for mercy ma.

I was disappointed! I had my instant coffee ( anyway, because too sleepy, too much tea not good for my tummy) with fresh milk, but tasted horrible.

I miss Carnation *sob sob*

Maybe i should quit caffeine altogether. Always wonder how much caffeine is considered as poisonous to me...

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  1. Guess what. Someone in the department bined my nice-looking Chinese tea box (with the tea)!!!
    Most of the time people take it for granted that we grow worms in things they don't know.


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