Friday, 12 January 2007

How was my new year so far

12 Days has gone so far with me being sick for 5 days. Both Albert and I were defeated by the flu bug, and we both took sick leave at the same time.I have soon adapt myself to the British culture, with respect to flu/cold. When i first arrived, i got cold every winter.Being a chinese and a hardworking employee of the NHS, i went to work with my running nose, sneezes and sore throat. Back in Malaysia, it's a common minor ailment. Unfortunately, or fortunately, not here in UK. It's not about you, it's about others. It spreads. Hence i was sent home.They didn't want me there. After all, who would want a sick cat working in the pharmacy? Over here, they "quarantine" people, which i means i get to stay at home. But one thing i must say, my throat always sore, even when i swallow.

I thought i am immuned from the winter flu, after being here for half a decade. Fortunately, no. So for the past three days, i stayED at home and rest. Both Albert and I had too much fun over the new year's eve, catching up with my fellow countrymen =)  and hence didn't really have a chance to rest.

So out of the 12 days, 3 days of sleeping and resting, and just watching Korean soaps. Had my first Sunday as a youth "teacher". I did a mini survey of the youth aged 11 to 16, on what they think of sunday school. They say it can be boring at times, but educators are nice. (Yes, they use the word educator). So now i have to search for a pool of games and activities to stimulate their interest. Being a student myself, who would enjoy being talked at for 1 hour? I have teamed them into triplets, smaller group and assign a leader in the triplets. Our aim for this year is to Care for others, like how Jesus cares for us.

It has been good, by the grace of God. Now i just need more inspiration to let them have fun. It's harder than i thought, even though i am a fun-loving person!

Go go go!

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