Thursday, 18 January 2007


It was pouring yesterday morning.
Still, i walked to the bus stop with my umbrella, took the bus and went to work.

Today,severe gales and heavy rained caused disruption across the UK.
Still i went to work, walked in the strong wind and rain as i forgot about my umbrella.

BBC today reported this:
"Some areas have experienced problems to their electrical supply and there has also been disruption to travel. Some flights were cancelled earlier from Cardiff International along with over 100 at Heathrow.

There are reports that trees have fallen down in many areas due to the strong winds. The Shrewsbury to Chester railway line has been closed after a train collided with a tree on the line just outside Chirk Station. Six people have died due to incidents linked to today's strong winds.

Many buildings have experienced damage, with Lords Cricket Ground in London having it's roof torn off this afternoon. Over 25,000 people have lost power in the southeast of England as the wind brought down power lines.

A ship is sinking some 40 miles off the Lizard coast in Cornwall with 26 people on board. The rescue operation is under way this afternoon, which strong winds will hamper."

It's interesting how many people goes to work in the sun, in the rain, in the storms, in the winter, in the summer, all through the seasons.

Even more interestingly, how many friendships, and relationships, be it with partner or within family are sustained through all the storms, and events in lifie.

Have we missed the point? We commit ourselves to our work/career, yet unwilling to commit ourselves to friendships/relationships. 

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