Thursday, 18 January 2007

Caffeine and headache

Albert sent me a document today which says this:

"The good news about caffeine is that it increases alertness, elevates mood, shortens reaction times and increases the capacity for clearer thought and intellectual activity. The extent of these changes differs considerably among individuals. The bad news is that caffeine can screw you up. Caffeine has been shown to increase anxiety and depression in people suffering from these disorders. It can increase heart rate, cause insomnia and irritability and headaches."

I told Albert that it screws up people suffering from anxiety disorders and depression. I am normal i told him. He then responded by saying : " how do you know? you have headaches, always complaining that you are tired."

True, Firstly, how do i know if i am normal...

Secondly, my headaches could be due to a) chocolates, b) late nights,c)staring at the screen the whole day d)my job/career e) my husband

Who knows huh?

Anyways, i will stop my tea in the morning. Have to sleep early instead of relying caffeine to boost me in a screen-occupied job like mine.

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