Thursday, 18 January 2007


Billy spends his life playing computer games because he is scared of living in the real world.

        Education is not merely transmission of knowledge. Ideally, the end result should be a transformation of life.
        Information without transformation is merely instructions

        Had a conversation with my colleague on education and integrity. UK is showing this Big Brother Celebrity, a reality show. The heated topic is on racial discrimination, on how they speak and behave towards someone whose skin colour and culture are different from them.

Is it a surprise that education nowadays produce clones of "big-headed", intellectual beings but lack of integrity and values?Job interviews can assess one on education background, work experience. But what about honesty, respect, oh.. need i mention kindness? Lots of straight As students on the street, in the tube , on the bus. What about giving seats to the elderly or pregnant woman? My colleague is pregnant, and she wears a badge " Baby on Board" produced by the London Transport, YET she said not many gave her seats. What happen to youth today that speak politely to someone more senior than them.Do they teach moral? Is it merely a subject to score As in but never lead to transformation or changes in behaviour?

Is there such thing as right or wrong? My atheist friend asked me. If there is no standard and everything becomes relative, so murder is not wrong, neither is rape. Neither is stealing or hurting others. I have my own right, says you. I have the right to satisfy myself, my own needs, even if that means at the expense of others. So everyone lives to satisfy themselves only. Who says one has to stay with one partner for the rest of the life? Who says one night stand is wrong? Who says i can't sleep with a different woman every night? Is it really true that one can do whatever one desire? Is it true that what you do do not affect others? Have a second thought.

Without morality, values or integrity, human are merely beings that act on instinct. Sounds familiar? Creature, ie animals act on their instict too. I am sorry, but one thing really makes my blood boils is rape. It's such a selfish act that i cannot tolerate any excuses.Thank God there is judgement.

Conclusion: Some may argue that religion is not the answer. But take a look at ten commandments in the bible. There are being summed up in two greatest commandments: Love your God with all your heart, all your mind, strength and soul and LOVE your neighbours ( everyone else) as yourself.

Thank God for my heritage.

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