Thursday, 25 January 2007

Acceptance and Love

The whole bible can be summarised with one word: LOVE

All our lives, we are seeking for love . As christians, we are learning all our lives how to love God, and others. Acceptance is important. Demand is a cruel weapon.

If i demand my parents, friends or partner to behave like this or that, it will put a strain to the relationship. In our daily dealings with others, be it colleague or family or friend, we subconsciously expect them to reach our standard. I have a standard on how colleagues should talk to each other, or how managers should talk to me. When it's substandard, i am unhappy. A love with condition and a love that demands.

God's love however is different. He didn't love us because we are good, or pretty, or rich, or smart. He accepts us, just the way we are. He didn't say : " Irene, change your bad habits, attitudes, then only i love you. "

Sames goes with our human relationship.

Today, my colleague who is planning to get married asked me what's the difference with living with your husband after marriage as to when we were going out. I said it's the adjustment and calibration period. No right or wrong way of doing things, just different. Different habit, lifestyle. The key is to accept that this individual is an individual. Not a clone of myself.

Accepting others the way they are requires a transformation and a shift of perspective from our part. It's worth it.

Love without acceptance is a love that demands ( demands other party to change to conform to our expectation).

To love is to accept, to accept is to love.

Do i make sense , or do i make sense?

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