Thursday, 14 December 2006

Yan hui's 求同存异

My friend Yan hui wrote an entry on Why am i here... worth a read..

an excerpt from her article as below:

Over the past few years, I realized that people are sooooooooooo different although most of us have Chinese looks, can speak one type of dialects of Chinese, can use chopsticks (this requirement should be removed as chopsticks are becomming international utensils), eat rice and use soy sauce....... (Want more? There are 88 ways to know if you're Chinese)

Sooooooooo, Why am I here? In a Chinese fellowship. Hey, Why are you here

Tell me that we come to see Christ, who is the maker of all Chinese, HKnese, Taiwanese, BBCnese.... Tell me that we come to be with Christians, to expose ourselves to a family of Christ which never splits according to hometown, mothertoughue,races, dresses, school textbooks.... Tell me that we are attracted by love of God, which is so shinning that our spiritual siblings' faces have become the same glorious. Tell me that we come because we're filled with love, and we share with whoever needs love, although our neighbours are not next door but one street next to u

求同存异 is one of the most famous Chinese political strategies. Literately, it means 'Seek the common, Keep the difference.' Therefore, we shall seek Christ and keep our differences.

'我们被别他性和奇异性之间不可逾越的鸿沟所隔离, 我们利用自然的联系,感情或精神上的联系是难以填平这鸿沟的.人和人之间没有办法沟通,不管我们如何努力表示爱和同情,不管我们的心理多么健全,也不管我们多么坦诚和开放,我们都无法看透别人的隐情,因为我们甚至在灵魂之间同他们也没有直接的关系.基督站在我们中间,我们只有通过他和邻居保持联系.正因为如此,代替祷告是和邻居沟通的最理想的方式,而以基督的名义进行集体祈祷,则是最纯洁的交往方式.'---------The Cost of Discipleship Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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