Wednesday, 27 December 2006

What i googled today

A bit of context : I am a person who hsa low concentration, unless something that i am very passionate about. Following that logic, i am not a person who is passionate in my career, as you would have gathered by now. Hence, i also have some background websites running behind my actualy task in  my job.

Last saturday, on my birthday, Albert brought me to a restaurant behind Harrod, The capital, which has two Michelin star, a rating used for restaurants. Fat Duck, has three michelin star, which we have been before last year. My experience was capital was alright, not ideal. It's not bad, but for a two Michelin star, it was over rated, according to my well-trained taste bud. Both my parents are excellent cook. .My dad was in Sin Chew jit poh before for his dishes, and needless to say, my mum won some cooking competition. I never eaten mooncake from elsewhere, except my mum's and until i came to deprived land of england.

Office was quite quet today. So i googled on world best restaurant and found out that Fat Duck restaurant came first in 2005, which was the year we went. I told Albert, having been to Fat Duck Restaurant, i have no regrets if i am on my way to heaven =P

That's my love and passion for food.

2004 ranking

2005 ranking

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  1. i can see that married people still have plenty of spare time ah.....Probably you need to find something more exciting


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