Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Tutor's Report

Imagine having lived all your life knowing that you are not smart, not a genius, there’s always lots of people smarter than you in your class. Then, 20 odd years later, someone discovered your potential.


Imagine a rock that you found from the ground .. and one day you realised that it's not any ordinary rock.. it's a diamond!

Remember I mentioned that I had an exam on my first term as a beginner in Korean language at SOAS in London. I received tutor;s report yesterday. This was what my tutor wrote :

Progress made:

She now not just can read Hangul but also describe the basic sentences, numbers, location of a person or things.

Irene is one of the best students at class. She is a talented linguist and a fast learner(*grin). She has a good understanding of the language, grammar and a good memory of vocabulary. She has balanced 4 skills-good speaking, listening, reading and writing skills and good pronunciation. …Scored 97.5% in the end of term exam (AAHHHH) , which is an excellent result.

I am so happy !!! This is the second encouragement I heard from different people for two consecutive days. The day before, Chris, my pazz piano teacher said that I have progressed a lot and I am a fast learner. He told me that he didn’t say it because it’s nice to say it, he really means it. I have promised him that I will work harder and practice more, that’s my new year resolution. ( At the moment, I only practiced one hour per week.., how lazy I am ! )

I am very happy. Yeah yeah…

My vision applies to myself as well.. i hope to help people discover their potential and encourage them in pursuing their strength. Encouragement is lacking nowadays. I am a strong believer of encouragement and positive reinforcement.

pls:My vikipedia- my friend, pastor V is leaving for Penang for good .. I will miss him, one less friend to play with me..

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