Friday, 8 December 2006

Some solution to my neck

creativity by Iriny

Albert is so sweet. He went to Costco yesterday ( something like Makro in Malaysia) and he bought me few gifts: a pair of maroon coloured leather, 100% lambskin glove and this Thermofit Pillow. I slept on it last night and my neck is so much better!

Thermofit® stands for comfort made to measure. A characteristic of this pillow is the use of very comfortable thermo-reactive foam. This foam, originally developed for the aerospace industry and later also used in hospitals, reacts to body warmth.This causes it to mould itself to the exact contours of the body and to relieve pressure points. It supports the body in a healthy and comfortable way and causes a sensation of weightlessness. The pillow has a removable and machine washable cover, which are hypoallergenic and made of top quality materials, to quarantee optimal comfort and durability.”

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