Wednesday, 6 December 2006

On drying your feet

Do you use your towel to dry your feet after shower?

Having lived all my past 20 years in KL, with no carpet in my room, i don't dry my feet specifically after shower. I dried my feet when i stepped on the mat outside the bathroom.

With this context, my husband asked me not to step on the bathroom mat to dry my feet because that bathroom mat is dirty and i will then bring those micro-organism from the mat , along with me to the whole house. Plus i will wet the carpet, which in the longer term, may spoil the carpet and then have to spend £££ to change the carpet. Hence, it was suggested to me that i dry my feet using a separate towel and am reminded to resume wearing slipper (assuming that i will remember to wear them in the first place)after my shower.

I then asked my husband, the slipper would have been worn into the bathroom, and therefore would carry those micro-organism along with me to the whole house as well, like my feet. I was then told that it's different with slipper as the sole of the slipper is different from my feet. They are less likely to carry dirt due to the plastic nature of the sole, and the slippers are being washed from time to time ( Irene : So are my feet ... )

Anyway, there you go, a little story of mine as a married woman.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous11:04 pm

    Oh, my goodness.
    It sounds that anything can be the beginning of an argument in marriage. Tell your husband the meaning of '求同存异'


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