Thursday, 21 December 2006

My plans for Christmas/Birthday

Our church , from the young to the old, went to chinatown to give out tracks and told ppl about Jesus.. the balloon was a gimmick. It worked!
More photos :

Just in case you are wondering .. my birthday falls on 23rd of December. I have mixed feelings for the birthday falling near Christmas. In primary and secondary schools in KL, it has always been holidays. Therefore, I never get the chance to celebrate with my schoolmates. Back in university days, they went on Christmas holidays either in Europe or flew back to hometown. Again, it was especially lonely for me on my birthday.

Furthermore, with my birthday, cum Christmas, I received 2-in one card or sometimes 3-1 card: Happy birthday, Merry Christmas and Happy new year. Most of my friends received birthday presents and Christmas presents, while I , only received one- a 2-1 in present. In my teens, I was very disappointed, not many presents, not many friends. Sometimes disappointed because they sent me a Christmas card, and forgot about my birthday completely.

Mixed feelings, because I somehow quite like my birthday, being near to Christmas , and of course, 23 is a good number, don’t you think? I always feel proud telling people about my birthday, because I know what follows : “ Ohh, 2 days before Christmas huh” *Grin*

Now that I am a young adult, I don’t get bothered by these things, as my priority has changed with my experience of the world around me. This year, will be a rest day for me, morning and dinner with Albert.

休息, 因有更长的路要走
Rest because you have a longer road to travel ahead of you, my sister-in-law once said. I liked it and I saved in my database.

I am resting, because on 24th, 25, and 26th, Fifteen people are coming to stay over at our house. Yes five, they are the brothers and sisters from the mandarin speaking group, ie from mainland china and taiwan. They were looking for a place, for stayover and bonding, but couldn't find any. So, Albert and I have offered our house for them. Will tell you all about it next week.

That's my plan for Christmas.. of course, i would like to tell you that the BEST gift that My mum ever gives me, is JESUS. My life is a meaningless without Jesus.

Encountering with Jesus show me my destiny, where i come from , and where i am going, and

i am the OBJECT of an ETERNAL LOVE.

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