Wednesday, 27 December 2006

My photo Dilemma-2

Update on my photo dilemma, i have registered adter my effort of googling free hosting/ photo album eetc.. i still haven't found the ideal FREE website to host my photos.

  • Flickr (most blogger use this):

as a free member, they can only display 200 most recent photos, and there is a limit for each month

  • My photo album:

Looks good, but the ad is a bit seductive, with woman showing off their assets. I don't want to tempt my friends when they viewed my photos

  • Photobucket( competitor of flickr, lots of people from myspace use it):

 i can only upload maximum of 20 photos at one time, i would prefer one whole folder

  • Imagestation by Sony:

 it's user friendly, i can upload the whole folder from my computer ,it's my ideal actually if not because of one imperfection: the viewing screen is a bit small

  • Multiply

Very slow connection, to begin with, it has already taken ages to log myself into multiply

  • Snapfish by Jessop, Shutterfly

i was attracted to it initially because it's unlimited storage, again, the window for photo display is small with ads on the right colmun

  • Photobox

I got confused with photobucket, so i registered it and then found out that it's not user friendly

  • Fotopnet

A hong kong based photo sharing network, mainly in chinese. Got to know from a friend of mine, change. I got attracted to it because all this while i prefer a host that use black as a background, make good contrast to photos.I registred, and tried using . Oh my, it's SOO un-user friendly. For example, to arrange the photos, i can't drag the photos ao the order i wish like imagestation. I have to type in the order number, for example if it's meant to be 14, i have to click on 14. Oh my, how am i suppose to know all the order! So, ouT.

  • Pbase

Quite a popular photo sharing network, unfortunately, i have to pay, and most basic package is for 400MB storage. No good. At this stage, i am still looking for freebies

  • MYnetimage

Found out about this from my google today, i have registered it, yet to use it. Will let you know

Imagine, i have registered myself with all the above for trial !

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