Thursday, 21 December 2006

My Henna Experience

I only heard of henna when i came to this country, from my indian colleagues.They used it for body art or on the hair for dye.

I bought two boxes online , about £12 including postage, neutral colour as i have coloured my hair with Albert's help earlier. I kind of regret it because it's full of ammonia. This henna hair dye is natural and doesn't contatin ammonia.

Anyway, i bought neutral because i wanted some nourishment for my hair, for that shiny look. So yesterday, i mixed milk with the henna powder, colour as shown.

If you have a bit more imagination like Albert, you will say it looks something very "organic". The experience wasn't too bad, it smells very herbal.

So i came to work this morning, expecting my colleagues to see a difference. Unfortunately not. It doesn't look shinier. Maybe because i bought neutral colour.Or maybe i didn't apply to the roots as i did it on my own. Lots of maybes.

But i still trust this product. I will choose to trust that my hair was nourished eventhough it doesn't look like it from the outside.

Typical shallow woman i am ! ha !

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