Thursday, 7 December 2006

Feet –3

Please not there is no negative feelings or resentment or any notion of complaints naturein in this entry. It's purely story telling.

There are 3 floors in our house. The kitchen is in the ground floor. The living room, study and bedrooms are on first and second floor.

Firstly, when one walk in from the door, one has to take off one’s shoe, and wear the slippers. However, those slippers should only remain on the ground floor , corridor area only and can’t wear it into the kitchen, as it is dirtier than the floors above.

Secondly, one has to change to another pair of slipper when one is in the kitchen. Reason being, the kitchen floor is obviously dirty and greasy. The slipper in the kitchen stay in the kitchen and no where else. If one wears the same pair of slipper and walk around the whole house, the carpet will be full of dirt and grease from the kitchen.

Thirdly, when one decided to go upstairs after their trip to kitchen, one has to change into another pair of slipper for the use of the second and third floors only.

To summarise: one wears the first pair of shoe upon entering the house, then the second pair when one goes to the kitchen for meals or drink, and the third, when one goes to the living room/study/bedroom.

I agree with all these and I can clearly see the rationale for it. All the floors are carpeted, the last thing you want is to spend £££ just to change those dirty carpets.
(notice the three pound sign, meaning not cheap)

However, firstly, I am a very forgetful person myself. Secondly, I grew up in KL, where I never have to wear slipper all my life. Thirdly, now, I not only have to wear slippers, I also have to change from one to another. I tend to mix them up and wear the wrong slippers.

Albert has been very patient with me. Hence, he has decided to make it clear that green coloured slippers only for ground floor, blue ones are for the kitchen only, and yellow ones are for the floors above.

Easy to follow? Well yes, only after months of training, for a slow learner like me anyway. Ha ha I am better now, compared to few months ago. Practice makes perfect. and making mistakes definitely help! Ha ha .

In the interim, changes take time. I need time to learn, to make it a habit while he needs time to be patient with the “interim” learner here.

Don’t get me wrong, my husband is a very loving man. He goes all out to treat me and pamper me. He made a lot of sacrifices on his part to accommodate me. If you ever met him, you will have no doubt on his integrity and kindness.

Like I said, I am in the knowing phase. Don’t pity me, I like challenges! One thing for sure, I will probably laugh at this entry at some point in the future too.

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