Wednesday, 29 November 2006

Weekend Madness

love message left by the youth

One of the many games we played

Last weekend was madness and hence Monday Blues was worst than ever, just couldn’t wake up at all, felt that body wasn’t mine anymore, mind was consciously/unconsciously wandering during my sleep on Sunday night. Sunday was more like an open house. 12 kids from church plus 4 adults (the teachers) came to our house as a day ou , played games and had lunch at our place. Then in the afternoon, another batch, ie our own cell group members came to our house for cell group. I spent half the day in the kitchen cooking, another 1/3 cleaning the kitchen. Thank God for dishwasher. It could have been worst!

Let’s start from Friday, I worked as a locum at a high street pharmacy from 530pm to 9pm. It wasn’t that bad, not that busy.

On Saturday morning, I cooked red bean soup (sweet) for our cell. I asked my mum how to cook it real fine. My mum SMS me the recipe. Thank God for SMS! I soaked the beans overnight, with a bit salt, so that the beans will “open” . I then blend the cooked beans in the food processor and cook it again. I spent the morning reading commentaries on the book of Romans, had my lunch, watched 1 hour Korean soap and somehow the time went by really quickly, especially when I am relaxing.
530pm, Albert came back from work, we rushed to town, went to Store street, a Korean supermarket to get thinly sliced beef for the beef soup noodles on Sunday. We bought other things as well, including shredded squid (snack) my favourite and beef stock. Had dinner at a Korean restaurant, had ox tongue and bibimbap. The food was horrible! Wasn’t satisfied.

Reached home then started cooking the beef soup at 11 pm. So tempted to just lie down and sleep. Couldn’t just sleep with the beef soup boiling, watched some TV while waiting. That was the initial intention anyway. Somehow, albert and I got hooked on the story, continue watching till 5 am when we finished all the drama series. Talked about couple sharing the same interest. I know I know, we have been very naughty.

Sunday, the whole house was crowded. Well, I exaggerated, the whole living room was packed. The youth/kids played games in the living room, I hang around a bit. At 12 noon, started cooking the flat noodles for beef soup noodle. I underestimated this simple process. I spent 1 hour just cooking the noodles, and half of them was stuck to the bottom of the pot, and a bit burnt! =P Everyone enjoyed the soup, it was good stuff man. I had ox tail, garlic, onion, garlic, ginger, clove, anise seed, 2 tbsp of Korean beef stock. It was like magic portion. Magic because all those relatively simple ingredient made a really tasty soup. Having grew up in a family where mum and dad are great chef, my six inch tongue has been highly trained. That doesn’t mean that I can cook as well as my parents. My dad was on local KL newspaper with his special dishes, buttermilk prawn and some other dishes, and mum has won a third place in a cooking competition. Of course, I am saying that out of humility on my part, I am far from them. I cooked another round of dinner, for cell group on the same day (told you I spent half of Sunday in the kitchen) with buttermilk prawn, but wasn’t as successful was I expected. Needless to say, plenty of room for improvement, eventhough I got the recipe from my dad.

So eventhough it was tiring, both physically and mentally, I was glad that the youth enjoyed their time at our place and had a time of bonding. Bravo!

A cleaner will be helpful. I have a husband. Ha ha.

Lack of sleep+ over worked= zombie at office on Monday- don't forget i have evening lesson at SOAS on Monday evening from 630 to 830pm.

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