Thursday, 30 November 2006

Some thoughts from my grey matter

Random thoughts:

1. All the 20 years of education, parents sent me to the best school in KL, went to private school during secondary school, parents,father's hard earned money, funded eight years of my piano lessons, tuition fees, including my tailor-made uniform in private secondary school, PLUS mortgaged their house to fund my studies in UK.. all those .. for the job i am doing now... and hopefully my talents can be used to bless others in my limited lifespan here on earth

2. After 8 hours of work, 2 hours at least of travelling time, one hour of dinner, only left with 2 hours for yourself. That two hours are the only hours left for you to do things that you really enjoy doing. That is the space to nurture you own SELF
I am only speaking on behalf of those who work fix hours, 8 hours per day, what about those who work 12 hours a day? Why do people work long hours? What are they trying to achieve? What are they chasing after?

3. Love is about working the differences between you and others (friends, colleagues, partners) to achieve unity. Just like all parts of the body, be it fingers, brain, nerves, muscles working togather for our physical well being. Unity is not about being the same for all, it's about everyone with differences coming together to achieve common good.

4. Why am i a christian? "Jesus loves me this i know" Jesus showed me what is love, it's sacrifical, because He died for me and others, he showed me that love should be given even for those who doesn't "deserve" it, He lavished his love upon me, and also teaches me to love others, to share this love with others

5. Why do people have kids? They want to lavish their love on someone who is an extension of themselves. Loving kids is sacrifical.

5. heard a song where this lyrics struck me : If you don't count your blessing, you are wasting your time

6. Am i at the right place, doing the right thing at the right time? Yes, if everything i do, say is loving.

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