Wednesday, 15 November 2006

My sweet piano teacher

I had my jazz piano lesson last night after work. My teacher, Chris tested my hearing and it was purely an embarrassment. Back in those piano exam days, I have almost failed my aural test. Bordeline.

So he first did interval, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 9th. I could only tell the intervals of 4th and 5th, the rest I failed.
Then went on to all the 7th of chords, major 7th, minor 7th, diminished7th and dimin 7th flat 5. I could only get diminished chord.

Another embarrassment.

We then recap last week piece, on blues scales improvisation… didn’t do very well on that. Then went to chord progression the 2-5 chords, my reaction time was slow.

Having all these background, Chris has been so patient with me. Obviously, I didn’t practice a lot of my piano. I was tempted by Prince of Laziness. I was embarrassed because it’s a reflection of my laziness.

Instead, he kept on saying, “ you are doing very well. You tried syncopated rhythm , not as jerky as before.” Excellent, that’s great..

After the lesson, I texted my teacher :
“Thank you for your patience. I can’t even stand myself!"

Unexpectedly, he replied:
“Hi Irene, you are doing great and it’s fun passing on a little knowledge to you..keep up the good work and see you next time. Chris”

I am greatly encouraged. My teacher is so gentle and patient. =) I am grateful that I am his student.

Guess I have to spend more time on the piano that on the TV screen.

p/s: i googled him again today and a brief biography is as below: i like the word chameleon-like qualities

Chris Jerome has been using his chameleon-like qualities to enhance the music of numerous leading artists over the last fifteen years. A dynamic and original jazz player, he has been a key member of Courtney Pine's band for the last five years, as well as putting in a number of appearences with Jazz Jamaica and many other key players in the 'warriors' movement. His diversity has also seen him work extensively with influencial figures in 'world music', including among others Osibisa and Hugh Masekela. He is also equally at home in contemporary r&b settings having featured in recordings by Jamelia, Beverley Knight and others and touring with disco legends Sister Sledge. Such is the diversity of Chris Jerome for whom making music is about breaking barriers, crossing borders and making use of the full range of sonic possibilities.

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