Thursday, 23 November 2006

My Sweet Piano Teacher -2

the front cover of the cd

I had my lesson on Tuesday, played a song, which i quite like. Blue Monk. I had a go of trio with another violinst, with my teacher comping( accompanying) and me.. just a casual run for the fun of it.

I was encouraged by the compliments given to me =) I am progrssing well, fast learner..oo so happy...

At the end of the lesson, i briefly mention to my teacher that i heard of some keyboard jazz which is totally different style. That led him to his personal CD album. He gave me to me as a gift.

Love the front cover , he likes vintage car, reminds me of the vintage car that my photographer owns in KL.

Bliss bliss =))

This week i am learning a slow jazz ballad called "You don't know what love is "

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