Thursday, 23 November 2006

MY Spurgeon has arrived

Both Albert and I have applied to Spurgeon Distance Learning on Theology. After all that ££ from our bank account, all we received was a CD.

Talk about IT generation. I did the first module today, on Using the Bible Module. There are some textbooks that we need to buy. I told my pastor friend, the same person who have given us the custody of his mini libary collection.

Guess what? He has that textbook as well.. I said Thank you to him in advance(lots of assumption behind that statement)

Today is a good day. I am happy. Praise the Lord


I resolved to sleeping on a rolled towel, where my neck will just rest on the place where the towel was rolled. Slept well last night but still dependent on Caffeine. Aiks.

Try again tomorrow without any caffeine intake. According to Albert, caffeine affects memory and cognitive function. Is that true? I have yet to googled and read about the evidence.

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