Wednesday, 1 November 2006

My Jazz bliss and Bliss (from ignorance)

I wanted to learn jazz piano, so I did a search on internet, London jazz piano teacher and I prayed that God will bring me a good teacher. It’s hard to go by internet as I don’t have any reference, and can only go for trial lesson and then decide.

I finally decided to have lesson from Chris Jerome, because his lesson was reasonable £20 an hour. So I contacted him.

My first lesson was 17th of October. I went to his flat. I was not feeling secured as it was only him and me in the flat. Anything can happen, I just prayed hard. I went home in one piece and in bliss. Bliss because I truly enjoyed his lesson, he is awesome, quite good looking too ! Another bliss was the ignorance bliss. I know nothing about jazz.

He asked me questions like :

“Do you know what are standard jazz pieces?” I shook my head

“Have you heard of this song before “Autumn Leaves” I shook my head, I only heard it from Korean drama series, of course I didn’t tell him that. Even that wasn’t the true jazz version

“ Do you know the key people in jazz, like Herbie Hancock etc...” I shook my head

“Do you know who is Courtney Pine? I am in his band” I shook my head

He was surprised. He looked at me again and told me again that he was surprised.

The next day, I googled on Chris Jerome and his official website ,
which then leads me to

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