Monday, 20 November 2006

Monday morning

I couldn’t wake up this morning, so tempted to go for a sick leave!

Anyway, I put on my contact lenses this morning, first on my right eye, then my left. After I placed it on my right eye, I felt the contact lens in my eye, then I moved on to my left. When I completed the task, my vision was still blurred. It was my right eye. So I “searched” in my right eyeball for the contact lens. I searched the sink, nothing found.

“This can’t be right, I felt the lens on my right eye, where has it gone? “ I thought to myself.
I was getting worried, surely it’s in there, maybe it’s somewhere hidden? I looked again and couldn’t find my contact lens. I went to Albert and asked him to search for me. Nothing.

In the end, I took our my left contact lens and wore spectacles. Confirmed, no lens on my right eye.

That’s my Monday morning.. reminds me so much of Garfield.. sleepy head. I am still a child. Children refused to sleep when their bedtime is due. They wanted to play and didn’t care for the consequences. Here I am, always late nights, sleepy the next day, felt bored at work.. and it’s all because I love to play!

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